Monday, August 10, 2009

central michel richard

central michel richard
1001 pennsylvania avenue (between 10th street & 11th street), washington, DC 20004
tel: 202) 626-0015
what was consumed: oysters on the half shell, cheese puff balls, french fries, cassoulet, beef cheeks, sea bass, braised rabbit ...
michel richard is known for some of the best french food in DC. here's the thing - i don't know that much about french food besides the fact that i enjoy it (i know i've said that before). oh, who am i kidding. food is exciting to me (thus this blog, of course) - i like eating and talking about the things i eat. it just so happens that central is a french place.
so, teresa's cousin was in town and they wanted a recommendation for a nice place to eat. last minute! not enough time! it's saturday night - need to make reservations! ahhh!!! i made calls, made arrangements, etc. why do i say yes when people ask me to do that sort of thing? probably because i enjoy it more than i admit, but ... anyway, we decided on drinks at poste, then dinner at central - hurrah, we got reservations! and thanks for taking me along ^_^
all of us finally met up at central and i (at least) was STARVING. and everything on the menu looked absolutely delicious. madonna (cousin) suggested oysters (who doesn't like oysters?!?!), cheese puff balls were recommended, and you know me and fries - always on the menu. totally get the cheese puff balls - light and airy, with a lovely cheese in the middle (don't know what kind of cheese, don't really care. totally delicious).
we all decided on getting different entrees (i got the cassoulet - remember? starving - despite it being more of a stew because who doesn't like a stew-y combination of a gillion meats?!). not only were the dishes so pretty in their presentation, but the flavor combinations were absolutely delicious. fresh, seasoned well, and most definitely pleasing to the palate. i was thinking that stuffing my face with the appetizers and bread would diminish some of my thoughts about the entrees, but that was not the case. i had a bite of the others' dishes (which were all delicious) and proceeded to finish off my dish as well. and for those of you who have ordered cassoulet before, even a small bowl is deceivingly filling (but my bowl was large). all gone, and totally delicious.
no dessert for us fancy ladies! maybe next time. and i do mean next time. can't wait to go back! maybe i'll have the mussels. or the rotisserie chicken. or ... so many things to choose from, that is for sure. yummmmmmm~~~~
my couple of notes: i would recommend making reservations. better to than not. the place seemed to get filled up pretty quickly and they turned their tables over a few times in the night. and if wine and dessert are going to be added to your tab (and for sure you should add wine - we had a great white wine. don't remember what it was, but much of it was consumed), this won't be an economical meal (but totally worth it, let me tell ya); however, the portions are not small ... something to consider.

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Jenny Kim said...

This is probably my fave restaurant in the city right now; great wine list, good service, excellent comfort food and I loove there gougeres!