Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 amy's

2 amy's
3715 macomb street NW (between 38th street & wisconsin avenue), washington, DC 20016
tel: (202) 885-5700
hours: monday 5pm-10pm, tuesday-thursday 11am-10pm, friday-saturday 11am-11pm, sunday 12pm-10pm
what was consumed: deep fried squash blossoms, norcia pizza (tomato, salami, grilled peppers, fresh mozzarella, grana - for me), pepperoni & mushroom pizza (for ines)
i love pizza. my friend (frank) once called me a teenage mutant ninja turtle because of my love of pizza (and my superb ninja skills, of course). i like pan crust, thin crust, thick crust, wood-fired, pizzagna, pizza rolls, calzones (which pretty much are folded and baked pizza, no?), cheese-less, sauce-less, etc. i like cheap pizza, gourmet pizza, microwave pizza. you name it, pizza related, i will eat it and enjoy (much like most delicious foods, of course). with this love, it's a surprise to some that it's taken me so long to visit 2 amy's. but when they think about how difficult it is to get there sans car, they understand. lucky for me, i had a car last weekend, and i loaded up ines in the volvo and head to the nw of the nw in DC to visit 2 amy's.
now, 2 amy's opens at noon on sundays. with ines in tow, we got there at 12:30 and already the restaurant was packed. i asked if it would be ok for ines to sit at the bar; when the hostess said ok, we made a bee-line for the bar and bypassed any and all waiting for another table (oh, and we were not about to sit outside in the opressive summer heat of dc). yay!
we got ourselves situated and started looking at the menu. i took a glance at their specials and saw that they had fried squash blossoms. i remember kristina saying something about how squah blossoms are so delicious, so i had to try. YUM. maybe it's because they were fried? no matter. ines and i polished off the appetizer real quick. they tasted like a cross between what you think flowers would taste like and vegetable tempura. yum yum yum yum yum ... ines said that she like the greet part better than the orange part (or was it the other way around ...?). all of it was delicious to me. i wish the order came with more than 5 ... sigh ...
when it came to ordering the pizza, i think ines got really confused with what to order (who am i kidding - i was a little confused too. i just have a voice that's louder than hers, so i asked the questions) ... in the end, after my little chat with the bartender, i passed on the info to her by pretty much gaving her a few options to choose from - she chose a pepperoni and mushroom pizza. good choice, ines!. i asked the bartender what he recommended/what was popular and he told us about this one woman who comes into 2 amy's at least one a week (and has for the past 2 years) and orders the norcia (is that true? whatever). norcia it is!
the pizza at 2 amy's is italian style (or so i'm told) where there's a thick crust, but it's thin everywhere else. when our pizzas came, i could barely eat even half my pizza (what was wrong with me that day? i don't know) not because it wasn't delicious, but because i was full. ines fared much better than me finished 2/3 of hers - good job! i had her take all of the leftovers home, so i don't know how it heats up, but i'm sure it's delicious. the dough is delicious, the combination of flavors is delicious, the cheese is all gooey (but not too gooey) when the pizza comes out, and food comes out pretty quickly. yu-um.
there was an older gentleman who sat next to us and ordered this baked meatball thing (in fact, he asked the bartender what it was because it wasn't on the menu (?)). omg, they looked so delicious. maybe i'll order that next time. too bad i don't live closer; otherwise, i would order 2 amy's all the time. maybe that's a good thing (can you imagine how enormous i'd be?). no matter - i look forward to visiting 2 amy's again - YUM.

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