Tuesday, January 24, 2017

the butler

the butler
school road, F-6 markaz, islamabad, pakistan
tel0321) 585-9494

what was consumed: hummous, cheese sticks, burgers, sandwiches, and shakes!

a cute little store front appeared on the outer edge of F-6 markaz. it caught all of our attention, but it wasn't until more recently that i got a chance to make my own visit to 'the butler.'

it's dark inside, and all of the waitstaff are in uniform (note: NOT in stereotypical "butler" attire, whatever that might mean, but more ... newsboy-ish?). while this would be offputting elsewhere, for whatever reason, i found it to be cute and a nice touch by the butler.

all of the good seats (aka with couches) were occupied - sad for us - but we were nonetheless seated quickly and comfortably (the butler also has an open rooftop, i hear. we went when it was a bit too cold for outdoor dining, but i will look forward to enjoying the rooftop in the future). then started off with a few appetizers: delish hummous and really cheesy cheese sticks.

we all opted for sandwiches (mostly because we wanted fries. i could go for more fries, that's for sure) and will look forward to trying out there other dishes.

i also hear that the butler is totally wheel-chair friendly. you wouldn't think so (so many stairs!), but it is! how wonderful! hopefully more places will take that into consideration when entering into new construction. very important! and very impressive, the butler. yet another reason to visit!

onlinehttps://www.facebook.com/thebutlerisb/ (and, soon, http://www.thebutler.com.pk/)

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