Saturday, January 14, 2017


3rd floor, Chaudhry Plaza, Bhittai Rd, Jinnah Market, F7 markaz, islamabad
tel0333 1904050

what was consumed: chicken briyani

i love briyani. like looooove it. my love might be unhealthy. but that's ok because it's just so delicious. so if there's a place that does it well, i'm all for it. and if they have other things (other delicious dishes, comfortable and open seating, convenient location, for starters), i'm totally in. this, friends, is qishmisch.

BJL and i head to qishmisch for dinner and, unlike pakistanis, we eat dinner early. maybe even earlier than americans (yes, i prefer a dinner closer to 5pm than 8pm. take note, folks). and so, the restaurant was totally empty. but that didn't deter the wait staff from giving us all of the attention (as, i assume, they would at any other time of the day). we sat next to the window and enjoyed a little snack as we decided what we were going to order.

qishmisch has a large selection of pakistani dishes. some with meat, lots of stuff for veggies, the whole gamut. the servers were knowledgeable and able to answer questions we had - things they recommended, things that they preferred over others, things they felt their kitchen was good at, things they felt that we must definitely try. 

and their briyani is ... YUM. as our meal progressed, i still couldn't stop eating. and i was tempted to order more. how is it that i haven't been back? that's a mystery to me right now ... 

qishmisch is pretty easy to find (in F-7 markaz). and even if you can't find the stairs that takes you upstairs, don't give up! they're there. and you won't be disappointed. oh, and take me with you please.


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