Wednesday, January 18, 2017

dumpling zhang

dumpling zhang
F-8/3, street 8, house 32A
tel: 03145236918

what was consumed: dumplings! fried and steamed, chicken, beef, and veggie. also hot and sour soup, lotus root (for roughage), eggplant ... and a series of other chinese dishes

i love dumplings! and i love that, as far as i can tell, there are versions of dumplings in all cultures. i mean, what's not to like?

almost immediately upon arrival, people were talking about some placed called "dumpling zhang's" and how they have the best dumplings. i had them at a few house parties (yes! they deliver!) and loved each and every bite. so, when friends decided to check out the brick and mortar location, i prepared for an evening overflowing with delicious delicious chinese-style dumplings. yaaassssss!!!

when we were dropped out at dumpling zhang's, i asked, "are we here? is this it?" this isn't out of the ordinary, though, because lots of restaurants are housed in actual houses. we were, indeed, at the correct location. and we proceeded inside.

once inside, i felt like i had entered a chinese restaurant back home, fluorescent lights, chinese newspapers strewn around, little kids running around, and all. we were escorted to a private room (we had a large group) and the table was equipped with one of my favorite things: a lazy susan :D

we knew we were going to order LOTS of dumplings, but were pleasantly surprised with the great variety of other chinese dishes on the menu (until then, i had only had the dumplings!). we looked through the photos and picked a couple of other items, mostly veggie. they even had lotus root! love lotus root.

and the dumplings! there were quite a few of us, so we ordered A LOT of dumplings. in addition to all of the other dishes, it ended up being something like 15 dumplings per person. my favorite were the fried chicken dumplings, with a bit of chili oil and vinegar soy sauce. the crisp shell would hold the dumpling together as i poked a small hole for the oil and soy sauce before devouring each dumpling bite. the steamed ones are also delicious and i'll take any of them any day. 

must enjoy again!

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