Sunday, January 29, 2017

street burger

street burger
beverly center basement, islamabad, pakistan

what was consumed: jalapeno poppers, strawberry shake, halloumi and pomegranate salad, jalapeno cheese burger (with black bun!), triple fried fries, onion rings

the beverly center is turning in to one of my go to places for places to eat and a bit of shopping (what's up polly and other stories!). the ladies who dine, and i, were looking for our next dining adventure. after i had saw a review online and after one of my staff mentioned this new great burger place, i knew that street burger was it.

as there was going to be a large-ish number of us, i called to make a reservation. this was a good thing in that street burger, inside, seats about ... 20. this was an unnecessary thing in that we, unlike other pakistanis, enough eating around 7 (i.e., there wasn't really a crowd until we were just about ready to go. works for us!). anyway, a couple of us got there first and we ordered a few appetizers while we waited.

so, street burger is more fast food than it is sit down restaurant. we didn't really know this and sort of sat at our table until one of the servers, from whom we tried to order, told us that he was a food runner and that we should order/pay at the counter. okie doke!

i went half-sies on a meal - salad + hamburger + fries + onion rings (this was after the strawberry shake and cheese-stuffed jalapeno "pepper" appetizer). the salad was a bit heavy on the dressing (i like my salads lightly dressed), but it was a pretty tasty cross between french and honey mustard. and of course, the leafy greens, fruit, and CHEESE were delish. loved the thick-cut fries that were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and lightly salted with thick chunks of salt. the burger was well cooked, and there was definitely enough jalapeno and cheese for each bite - yes! and the onion rings. whatever batter they are using and whatever methods they're using, i'm all for it. i want to go back and just order multiple orders of onion rings. light, crispy, well seasoned, and super delish.

street burger, though, is pricier than most other restaurants. that said, as is the case in lots of countries i've lived, western food is more expensive than "local" cuisine. but if you've got a hankering for a burger, be sure to put street burger on your list!


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