Monday, January 16, 2017

arz lebanon

arz lebanon
college road, F-7 markaz, islamabad
tel0333 3333170

what was consumed: hummous, dolmas, taboulelh, falafel, artichoke salad, grilled halloumi, etc. we basically looked at the photos in the menu and started pointing at things ... and we had great success. 

i spent two years living in kuwait. i ate a lot of "general" middle eastern cuisine and loved it all. like really really loved it. so when i get a chance to enjoy delish middle eastern cuisine, i'm all for it. friend j told me her favorite was lebanese at arz and i couldn't resist.

so, friends and i got together for one of j's last meals in town. we head to arz at a pretty late (for me - 8ish) and arz was already starting to pick up (they have both indoor and outdoor seating. sadly, we had to sit inside. and while we waited for the rest of our party to arrive, we ordered some hummous to enjoy with their warm (and delish) lebanese bread and some grape leaves.

where is the rest of our group!? ugh. so hungry.

as folks started to arrive, we kept adding to our order. some of my favorites (like falafel, taboulleh, grilled chicken) and some of others' favorites (that salad with artichokes was amazing!) and then multiples of other dishes (i mean, is there ever such thing as too much grilled halloumi? the correct answer is no). arz has a large menu; there will be new things to try and the old favorites will always be there.

i understand that arz lebanon doesn't deliver. sad day! but that won't stop me from enjoying their fare. let's go to there!!!


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