Thursday, June 3, 2010


shik do rak
14775 jeffrey road, irvine, ca 92618
tel: 949) 653-76868
9691 garden grove boulevard, garden grove, ca 92844
tel: 714) 534-7668
what was consumed: korean bbq! usually one of the set menus that includes the works. instead of all the meat options, i usually ask for only cha-dohl (the thin sliced beef) ... yum.
despite all of the korean food i consume at home, i find myself frequenting korean restaurants. while there are some super terrible ones, there are some good ones, even great ones. and there is something about shikdorak that just calls my name. so, when in, i make it a point to visit. i used to visit the garden grove location, but now frequent the new(er) irvine location.
the food at shikdorak is wonderful. the cha-dohl is fresh, thinly sliced, and cooks quickly on the grill. your meal also comes with lots of bahn chan that they keep filling up as you eat bowls and bowls and bowls of it.
once the gogi is finished cooking, i usually dip it in the spicy sauce and place it on a bed of green lettuce and radish kimchee. i then take one of the rice wraps and stuff the entire thing into my mouth. delicious. other korean bbqs have delicious options, but it's the rice wraps (dduk) at shikdorak that differentiates this place from all others. i'm sitting here thinking about shikdorak and instead of writing about it, all i can do is look at the photos and think about eating it. sigh.
while shikdorak isn't the most romantic of all places, it is good for groups and massive consumption of food. and even though you leave smelling like korean bbq, it's totally worth it! this past trip to california, i visited shikdorak twice (almost three times! sorry we didn't make it, jess!). both times, we had to wait. a lot. that never happens! but you know what? i didn't mind it one bit. oh, shikdorak, i can't wait to visit you again~~~

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