Friday, April 16, 2010

dc slices

dc slices
: none
no address - they're mobile! track their location online:
what was consumed: pepperoni pizza, soda
lunch trucks are all the rage!
do you remember a time when people would say "lunch truck" and you would think jr. high cafeteria food for adults, or "roach coach," or ... these days, people also think kogi tacos, bulgogi carts ... and now, pizza (yes!!!)
today, from what i understand, was dc slice's inaugural day. and my food lovin' friends let me tag along (ironically, i had also brought pizza for lunch today). some argue about whether or not this is the "first" in DC, but it seems that the discrepancy is deep rooted in whether or not "DC" means just DC proper or includes MD and noVA ... that is a whole other conversation. as far as i'm concerned, this is the first i've seen (convenient that it's close to my office), so it's the first for me!
so, around lunchtime, we walked over from the office over to farragut square where dc slice was to have parked for lunch service. today was a nice, warm, and dry day, so i was doubly excited to head out of the office for some good eats - yay! and after blocks and blocks and blocks of walking (ok, so it was actually something like 5 blocks), we finally saw the truck ... to which we bee-lined to, like moths to a flame.
when we finally made it to the truck, we quickly made our selections (i like how they have one window for ordering and another for receiving your order ... though it looked like the same guy working both. ha!) and were soon served. thin crust slices of pepperoni pizza with the option of fresh basic on our slices (yes please). the crust was light, the sauce was tomato-y, the cheese was stringy. YUM! accompanying our pizzas were ice-cold cokes. a perfect meal on such a gorgeous (albeit a little hot for me) DC day ^_^
when we first arrived, they were also playing music through their speakers. i didn't notice it as we were leaving, but that could have well been because i was not paying attention and more engrossed in their fares. they also spelled "slice" incorrectly on their menu board today (i don't know if that was intentional or not - just thought i'd note it here), but i found it funny and endearing more than anything else. they offer wifi as a wireless hotspot, so bring your mobile device along with your appetite and look foward to a delicious lunch downtown!

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