Thursday, April 15, 2010

g street food

g street food
1706 G street NW (between 17th street & 18th street), washington, DC 20006
tel: 202) 408-7474
hours: monday-friday 7:30am-3:30pm
what was consumed: banh mi (traditional vietnamese sandwich - roasted free-range pork and pickled vegetable on a baguette), open sandwich speciality (i forget which one it was, but it was delicious), side salad, fries (of course)
i feel really lucky that there are lots of really yummy places to eat around where i work. one day, christine mentioned going to a place the kera mentioned to her at the restaurant. so, despite the 7ish block walk (ok, ok, 7 blocks is not a lot. but i was still sure not to bust out the highest of my heels), christine and i head out to meet for lunch.
at first, we couldn't really figure out where g street food was. the storefront is rather unassuming and at quick glance, i imagine most (like us) would pass it by. this downtown area, while filled with lots of really great places to eat, is also filled with the standard "cafeteria" fare in the form of a "pay by the pound" sort of place. i'm so glad g street food is not like that!
once we found the right place, we walked in and was welcomed by an open kitchen right behind where we were to place our orders. this proved to be convenient for us in that we were overwhelmed by the menu (as we usually are. their menu isn't super huge, but every single option looked so delicious!) and we had the opportunity to ask any and all questions directly to those who were to make our meals, which they happily answered. we ultimately decided on a couple of sandwiches, salad, and fries as we giddily went to pay for our food.
our food came out soon after and we quickly devoured the delicious morsels. and the bread! now, i don't know a lot about bread. i've mentioned before that i don't crave it like some others do and as a result i'm not as well versed in it as others are. nonetheless, the bread that g street food uses is just plain delicious. crispy crusts, chewy and soft middles. the meats added incredible flavor to the sandwiches and the veggies were so fresh/refreshing! i don't know how else to describe it, but do you see the photos? do they make the food look delicious? yes, the sammiches tasted better even better than they look! i want one now. sigh.
per usual, the clientele at g street food consisted primarily of other office drones (or maybe i'm the only cube-dwelling office drone - haha) who call the farragut square area "home." there was also a surprising number of families. but now that i think about it, because g street food is close in proximity to some of the sites on the nat'l mall (relatively, of course, is there anything (outside of the hot dog carts) that are really really close to the mall?) and loads of people have mobile devices with information at their fingertips, i imagine many will seek out g street food.
i can't wait to visit g street food again and try something else. where is christine?!? let's go! let's eat!

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