Wednesday, November 25, 2009

what crap to eat - LINK

okok, so i know the intention of this blog is to write about places i've eaten, but when c sent me this link, i couldn't resist (and had a few comments about fast food in general) - love the flow chart!:
(click on the image to see the enlarged image - it's worth it)
this is from 'eating the road' via grub street new york a la new york magazine.
i haven't tried all of the locations mentioned: tim horton's (but that's in canada - does it count? haha - just kidding), sonic, white castle, long john silver's, chick-fil-a (that's sort of a lot, now that i look at it. time to try! haha~). but i have tried things that are specific to the west coast (in 'n out and jack in the box) and wonder where some other locations are (i.e., popeyes, del taco, and five guys ... but i guess popeyes and del taco is representated via kfc and taco bell, respectively (on top of del taco being a predominantly delicious california establishment), and five guys is not a big as some of the other chains, though it is increasing in its presence). and what about places like chipotle? and wahoo's (yes, yet another california chain that while it's fast food, it sort of isn't ... is it?)? that's fast food too, right?
now, i love fast food. but i don't eat it as much as i say i do. in fact, there are a lot of places that some may consider non-fast food that i do consider fast food (of course, that doesn't deter me from eating there) and some fast food places that are more non-fast food. some food is junk (fast food or not) just as some food is marvelous (even the fast food kind). and maybe my thoughts on fast food derive from my childhood in california. there are so many fast food options in california (didn't it originate there? i read something like that in 'fast food nation' ...) - in 'n out, jack in the box, del taco, wahoo's (all mentioned previously), along with carl's jr., of course. interestingly, as questioned earlier, some of the fast food options don't really seem like fast food (though others are quintisential examples of fast food - haha. total extreme opposites may reside in one small shopping mall!). where do all of these stand? a spectrum of fast food? haha~
all of this reminds me of my sort of self-imposed experiment with mcdonalds (and coke). when i get the chance to travel (out of the US, that is), i make an effort to try their mcdonalds and drink their coke. totally tastes different! i feel as though it gives you a sense of how americans view (or how host country nationals feel americans view) the country where mcdonalds/coke is entering. what do the locals enjoy? what will sell? that sort of thing. and while i don't particularly enjoy the versions i've tried in asia, the ones in europe are fantastic! soft bread, yummy cheese, tastier beef, and a patty that is the size of my hand. this tells me that it is possible to make american fast food options better. or maybe americans don't want good fast food? or maybe americans don't care? all of these being gross generalizations, of course.
all of this talk of fast food is actually making me hungry. and you know what? sometimes all you want is a jack in the box deep fried taco or a carl's jr. pastrami burger, all washed down with some sugary soda accompanied by fries. yum~

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