Wednesday, November 18, 2009


2444 wisconsin avenue (between observatory lane & calvert street), washington, DC 20007
tel: 202) 337-0004
neighborhood: glover park
hours: monday-wednesday 11am-10pm, thursday-saturday 11am-11:30pm, sunday 10:30am-11:30pm (note: while their hours as as such, their kitchen closes about an hour before the eatery closes)
what was consumed: chips & salsa, maui tacos, st. barts burrito
coming from, i've been spoiled with fish taco options, a la wahoo's, fins, etc. (omg, so delicious! i miss them all~). i've had some good fish tacos in the dc/metro area (try lola's in barrack's row - their fish tacos (along with much of the rest of their menu) is pretty good - yum), but you can never have enough options.
i had the maui tacos - yum! i chose to have the tacos on corn tortillas (i believe you can select flour as well) and while i usually split the 2-corn-tortilla taco serving, they wouldn't come apart, so i just ate it "regular." nice big chunks of grilled fish along with the veggies made them totally delicious. oh, and the two tacos were totally filling. the only downside (if any) was that there was some mayonnaise sauce that was a little overpowering (not to mention i don't like mayonnaise). i also didn't really eat the rice, but that's because i don't eat a lot of rice to begin with. what i did eat was pretty good, though (for those of you who have to have rice).
surfside also has a "fast food" feel - you walk in, write down your order on the order sheet, give it to the person at the counter, pay, then sit down. once prepared, they bring out your food, which is a non-fast-food part. but please don't get me wrong - surfside is NOT a fast food joint. they also do not have fast food prices; however, the food is good and i'm always happy to pay for food that's worth it!
surfside had been on my list for a long time. i'm happy that i finally got a chance to visit - can't wait until i can go again! yeehaw!

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