Sunday, November 15, 2009

cactus cantina

cactus cantina
3300 wisconsin avenue NW (between macomb street & newark street), washington, DC 20016
tel: 202) 686-7222
hours: monday-thursday 11am-11pm, friday-saturday 11am-12am, sunday 10:30am-11pm
what was consumed: tamales (my favorite) ...
how many times have i already mentioned tex mex? i love it. love love love it. so, on my quest to find good tex mex in DC, i ended up at cactus cantina. and because of my love of it (tex mex, i mean), i find myself willing to eat less than great tex mex options (in hopes that it might be goooood) and continue to eat less than average tex mex. sigh. what to do, what to do.
anyway, i was so hoping that cactus cantina would break my string of otherwise (less than) average tex mex ...
the meal began with some chips and salsa - good sign! double good sign because they were pretty good. when i begin to think about slowing down my chips and salsa consumption speed in order to better enjoy my ordered entree, then i know that i'm enyoing them. either that or i'm just really hungry. cactus cantina night? i recall it being a combination of both. to continue ... my tamales came in their corn husks (good sign!) with the sauce on the side (another good sign since i like my tamales with nothing on them. i guess i also can't imagine where the sauce would go since the husks are still in place. anyway~). and they were pretty good - not as mushy as so many other places are apt to serve them, but not as corn-y as i think tamales should be (and as i like). the rice that i tasted was all right, but far too dry (and i like my rice dry!) and lacking in flavor, despite all of the little things that were mixed in.
cactus cantina is, so i hear, in the same family as lauriol plaza, which i have mixed reviews on (it's really hit or miss, and usually miss for me (unfortuantely) because i want to like a tex mex place so much! haha). additionally, i have to admit that it's been some time since i've been to cactus cantina, so i have had to rely on my memory most of all. but seeing that i haven't been back since that first visit is a sign. perhaps i will give cactus cantina another shot. or maybe i will just make tex mex at home and just long for the authentic stuff (which i will probably consume when home in or somewhere else near mexico - haha). yum, tex mex ...

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