Saturday, November 21, 2009


5100 macarthur boulevard NW (between dana place & edmunds place), washington, DC 20016
neighborhood: palisades
tel: 202) 363-0620
what was consumed: caesar salad, pasta alla bolognese, mixed grill (marinated chicken breast, italian sausage and filet mignon medallion), fettucine carbonara, linguine with fresh clams
one thing about the dc/metro area is the lack of good, mid-range italian places (along with tex mex), which i find odd because that's usually something that is always around.
the meal began with bread. the bread was nice and warm and the bite i had was tasty. but i knew better than to fill myself up with bread when i knew i had other, more preferred, dishes coming my way (all this, of course, in addition to me not liking bread all that much. yeah, i know, i know). my meal then continued with a caesar salad before my large bowl of pasta alla bolognese(with linguini - my preferred pasta). i have a friend who judges italian restaurants by their bolognese. because i couldn't make up my mind, i decided to go with her preferences. i'll have to say that the bolognese was pretty good.
people i was with had a number of other dishes. a plate of grilled stuff (of which i had tastes and ate pretty much all of the veggies - who doesn't like veggies? i love them so much. and when they're grilled, they're oh so delicious!) and other pasta dishes. i got to taste each of them and get a sense of listrani's wares. and my conclusions? listrani's is a great place to grab a pretty low-key bite to eat especially if you are around or live in the palisades. it's also good for groups because they seem to have a lot of seating, but not the crowds (perhaps that's because of their palisades location? or ...) the portions are large so be ready to share (or, my preferred, ready to take home leftovers to enjoy the next day - yeah!).

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Ashley Cordes said...

oooh! our meal! I thought everyone's was good and I enjoyed my fettucine carbonera! They serve really large portions... I don't think we ever ate the leftovers though... they sat in the car too long.