Monday, March 9, 2009

westside brewery

westside brewery
340 amsterdam avenue, between 76th street & 77th street), new yrk, NY 10024
tel: 212) 721-2161
what was consumed: beer, a burger ... on an english muffin! ... side salads, onion rings, sweet potato fries, regular fries ... yum~
so, christine, willie, and i head to nyc, the big apple, for a weekend of fun in the big city. we get into the city pretty late, get settled in our "hotel," then head out to christine's old hood for some good eats. willie told us of a place he had been to before, as did christine, that had good beer, sweet potato fries, and burgers on english muffins! i was totally looking forward to trying it out.
of course, dinner didn't start as soon as we had liked. much like everything else in nyc, we seem to remember the location of things just a bit differently from where or how they actually are. we walked around and around and around, looking for the wetside brewery. we finally found it (hooray!) and got a chance to stop by the money store (aka atms) which was also convenient.
by the time we sat down at the brewery, we were starving. luckily, we already knew what we wanted and ordered right away, in addition to a number of beer. if i recall correctly, they had quite a nice selection of beers, as is the nyc way. i remember the food being delicious, but i think my overwhelming hunger prevented me from enjoying the culinary aspects of my food more ... but that's ok. says that the wetside brewery is now closed. is that true? i mean, it has been 1 1/2 years since the fateful trip, but ... so sad ... we'll just have to find another place to enjoy burgers made with english muffins and sweet potato fries~ -sigh-

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