Wednesday, March 18, 2009

full kee

full kee
509 h street nw (between 5th street & 6th street), washington, DC 20001
tel: 202) 371-2233
hours: monday-sunday 11am-2am
what was consumed: wonton soup; seafood pan fried noodles
there's something about having a chinatown in the city, but not knowing where to get good chinese food. there are loads of take-out chinese places all around town (i miss young chow in SE!! i need to find a new place near where i live now), to which i am often perplexed because you can get kung pao chicken AND fried chicken wings at the same time! it's GREAT. chinese food in DC is, apparently, schezuan and cantonese-esque (as though i would know), whereas chiense food in (and even in, i guess) is more taiwanese. i.e., when you order chow mein here in DC, you're not going to get noodles. but that's ok - it can all be delicious.
so, friend chris mentioned wanting to go have wonton soup at a place in chinatown, to which i happily agreed. we took the metro to chinatown and head out to full kee. apparently, they have great wonton soup (i think i read somewhere that they have a number of good things, but i don't remember), and do they ever! we visited full kee on a cold and rainy day, so the delicious wonton soup totally hit the spot. in addition to the won ton soup, i ordered what chris says is his favorite noodle dish - seafood pan fried noodles. i love noodles in all shapes and forms, so i was happy to take in chris's fav~
the wonton soup was nice and hot, with some really flavorful broth (don't ask me about msg - i can't really taste it. i will say, though, that i love it. hahahahahaha). add a bit of pepper for a bit of spice. yum. the soup was really simple - just wontons and broth. i think i could go for a bit of egg in the soup, but i can go for egg in most things (hee hee).
the pan fried noodles were also good. not greasy (i've had greasy ones before) with just enough sauce to mix in with the noodles to soften them up just a bit, while also being a bit crispy. i could go for s'more veggies, but (again) i could usually go for more veggies in most things.
so, a lunch of wonton soup and noodles - t'was the best! i look forward to seeing what other delicious things full kee has to offer. hurrah!

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