Friday, March 27, 2009

dogfish head alehouse

dogfish head alehouse
6220 leesburg pike, seven corners shopping center, falls church, VA, 22044
tel: 703) 534-3342
hours: monday-wednesday 11:30am-11:00pm; thursday-saturday 11:30am to 12:am; sunday 11:30-10pm
what was consumed: beer, beer, and more beer! chipotle chicken dip, bacon chedder burger, slow roasted roast beef sandwich, ahi tuna sandwich, chocolate cake, bread pudding, apple crisp
dogfish head has a great line of beers. when i found out that they had an alehouse (totally by accident - it happened to be next to the chinese place i was at. we head over to the alehouse for dessert the first time, and then for dinner at a later date), i totally had to go. so, after taking tyler to his first experience at the korean market, we head over for some good eatin's.i started off with a nice black and tan. i'm usually not so much a fan of darker beers (though i'll drink them. you know i'll drink them), our server suggested that to us (our server was also well informed about drink selections - that's always impressive). and i'm glad we took him up on his suggestion! we then proceeded to begin our meal with a great chipotle chicken dip that was on the special menu, and also suggested by our server. it was nice and cheesy, totally delicious. we then proceeded to consume (rapidly - omg, i was so hungry that night) our respective sandwiches. i had the tuna sandwich which was cooked more than i liked (and more than i asked for), but hey - the delicious fries made up for it. i also got to try christine's and tyler's sandwiches, both of which were totally delicious. dogfish head alehouse also has a nice selection of entrees in additon to their varied sandwiches, salads, and small plates/appetizers. yum~
they also have a series of desserts that you should totally try out (which is what i had, in addition to beer of course the first time i visited the alehouse) ... though i wonder if the selection changes:
there's just something about places that have good beer. tyler also says that other parts of their menu are also worth trying. i will have to visit again to do so!

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