Monday, March 9, 2009

bar pilar

bar pilar
1833 14th street NW, between n. swann street & n. T street, washington, DC 20009
tel: 202) 265-1751
what was consumed: beer ... some tapas ... i forget
ah, bar pilar.
i'd read and heard about bar pilar and was excited about getting a chance to check out the eatery before catching a show at the source theatre just next door.
bar pilar is a small place, which i hear gets pretty crowded on the weekends and during happy hours. being on my own, i sat at the bar where there was a seat, just for me. they had a pretty wide array of beers on tap, wines, and other drinks. prefering beer, i began my debauchery (haha). it was also a hot day, so the intoxication happened a lot faster ...
i wanted to make sure i ate some food that would hold me over, as to not ruin the planned dinner after the show. luckily, bar pilar is a tapas place, so anything i order would not overwelm my belly (though that would've been easy because there were quite a few things on the menu that i would've wanted to try). since it's been some time since i visited bar pilar, i don't remember what i consumed (though there's a lovely picture of it here). a sort of bruschetta of sorts. i was looking at the menu, but couldn't find it. or maybe it's there and i just don't remember. or maybe a combination of all those things? maybe.
next time, i want to make sure i go with a number of other people (and update this entry). we shall all get different things so that i can try other things too - woohoo! i'm totally looking forward to it ...

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sharock said...

maybe it's time to return to bar pilar with said friend. me!