Saturday, November 7, 2015

meok shwee dohn nah (먹쉬돈나)

meok shwee dohn nah (먹쉬돈나)
multiple locations. we went to the location in sam-cheong-dong (서울 종로구 율곡로3길 66-5, tel: 02-723-8089)

what was consumed: ddukbokki! prepared at your table (of sorts) with the option for all sort of additions. we chose seafood, cheese, fried mandoo, kim ma ri (noodles rolled in seaweed then fried), ramen, chewy noodles ... 

i love ddukbokki. there's just something about the spicy rice cakes that are so delicious. and when the dish is prepared at your table with all sorts of goodies, i can't resist! i also told myself that i need to eat my heart's content of korean "street" food so that i don't crave it later. not possible! additionally, i'm back on my k-drama kick and one of them had the characters either talk about or enjoy ddukbokki on a regular basis (ok, so it was this one). and so, any chance i get to enjoy ddukbokki, and with good friends, i'm all for it!

here's what we ordered: 

at meok shwee dohn nah, you take your seat, decide the sort of ddukbokki you're going to order, what sort of additions you'd like, and order. in a few minutes, the staff bring out a large bowl filled with all of the things you just ordered. and then, on the burner that sits on your table, the broth starts to boil and all of the ingredients just ... meld together. it's so delicious, i can't even describe. 

and once you're eaten the bulk of your meal, be sure to get at least an order of fried rice: they take the leftover sauce/broth, mix it with rice and a few other things (e.g. seaweed), and they place it back on your table's burner at a low heat. this allows the bottom layer to begin toasting, just a little bit. a great end to a fabulous snack food-turned meal :D can't wait to go again!


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