Monday, November 9, 2015

left coast artisan burgers

left coast artisan burgers
서울특별시 용산구 이태원동 130-43 2층
tel: 02-6223-5338

what was consumed: burgers (juicy lucy: cheese stuffed patty, lettuce, grilled onion, L.C. sauce and the hot stuff: pickled onion, spice pepper and garlic spread), of course. and fries. and even more of course, tater tots!

finally! time to enjoy the burgers i've been hearing so much about. and california-inspired? sigh. i'm totally at the right place.

left coast has classic fare as well as some pretty creative burger options that are must tries. cheese stuffed patties? garlic spread? pickled onions? these are the things are total pluses to your burger enjoyment. the patties are cooked well (i.e., not overcooked) and placed between nicely toasted buns (i'm not a bun fan, but i definitely enjoyed the ones served to me). the buns also soak up all of the yummy meat juices as well as the special sauces the chefs at left coast have prepared, making it a delicious flavor profile combination. the default side for the burgers is a salad (i know, i know); there's an upcharge for a fries substitution (the nerve!). that said, that didn't matter for me because additional orders of fried potatoes were going to happen anyway. of course!

and for reals, order the fries and for sure order the tater tots (or whole orders of them altogether):
this photo does not do the fried potatoes justice. 

they are so delicious. crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and seasoned with something that will make you want to eat the entire plate as soon as you can. and as is (my) california style, you can order a side of ranch for dipping. hooray!

i will also note that friend s was a veggie for years and years. but claims that her current obsession with left coast burgers is a sign of the end of that veggie era. what! welcome to the carnivorous world! and thanks left coast burgers!!!


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