Thursday, October 30, 2014

nurish food & drink

nurish food & drink
1231 good hope road, se, washington, dc 20020
tel: 202) 903-7134

what was consumed: lemon zest belgian waffle (belgian waffle infused with fresh lemon zest, served with fresh fruit & syrup); mushroom & gruyère tartine (open sandwich with tomato sauce, sautéed mushrooms, gruyère cheese, and fried egg added); indian spiced pork loin (slow-roasted, curry spiced pork, red cabbage & carrot slaw, jalapenos, fresh coriander on ciabatta); aaaaaaand spicy grilled cheese sandwich (cheddar cheese, hot peppers on pain au levain)

i've known kera carpenter for quite a few years now, both as employer and friend. i continue to frequent domku (it's a usual stop for me when in dc, especially for brunch) as i enjoy both the food and the company. over the years, i'd also heard that she was embarking on a new venture, this time in anacostia.

nurish is located in the anacostia arts center. i like that i can go, see some local art, and enjoy some delicious food. for now, the only quip i have is that i, as someone completely reliant on public transportation but less familiar with the bus routes, find it hard to get to without a vehicle (yes yes yes, i should spend a few minutes figuring out the bus situation ... !!! will do). but i imagine that will change as dc continues to change.

i've read and heard that nurish does a tasting menu/family dinner sort of event. the next time i'm in dc, i'm going to for sure check it out. can't wait!


Monday, October 27, 2014


2441 18th street NW, washington, dc 20009
tel: 202) 656-5285

what was consumed: RAMEN! and buns. and gyoza.

i had heard that a former PC colleague of mine invested in a ramen shop in adams morgan. it took me a few years to get there, but i finally did! and, in the era of ever appearing noodle shops, i'm always happy to see a good one join the foray. so, i grabbed friends m and n (one a seasoned eater, the other new to this sort of food world) and head out to adams morgan to try it out. and we had a blast!

sakuramen has a variety of different ramen options. it's a good introduction (imo) to those who have had little exposure to japanese ramen as the flavors are classic and simple - i like that. the noodles are well prepared - a good chewy consistency, not too soft or mushy. the broth is light and flavorful, a bit lighter than the broths i've grown to anticipate at ramen shops, but still delicious nonetheless.

sakuramen also has meat buns and other appetizers on the menu. they serve as nice starters to a meal, or can be meals in and of themselves. the buns are nice and soft and the fillings are classic and tasty. i prefer the pork over the other options (bulgogi tends to be too sweet for my liking), but i'd say you should try them all.

you'll likely find yourself enjoying your ramen while dining on the long communal table (they have a few other side tables, but i prefer the communal table). it can get a little noisy, so it may not be the vest place for an intimate and quiet conversation. that said, the experience is fun. and while i'm not a fan of dining in basements, the folks at sakuramen have done a good job not to make it feel too enclosed or claustrophobic. though, if there's a wait (and there usually is), be sure to wait outside for a bit more open space.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

chocolate bar

chocolate bar
tel: 2253161

what was consumed: salads, sandwiches, fries ... but really, go to enjoy their chocolate fondue. 3 cups of chocolate sauce (white, milk, and dark. we would frequently asked just for dark) accompanied by bottomless cups of fruit (strawberries and bananas) and desserts (brownies, pound cake, and cookies). for an additional fee, ask for their homemade marshmallows. YUM.

i think it appropriate that chocolate bar is the last of my Q8 entries (finally! i know. much delayed). 

the first time i went to chocolate bar, it was before the entire bidaa area because the huge entertainment "center" it is today. with options for a light lunch or dinner, and a whole selection of desserts, it's an ideal place to get together with friends to chat about anything and everything. the entrees are simple and the staff is accommodating, adjusting your meal as you may need. they have a wide selection of desserts which, as you may have guessed, pretty much all include chocolate.

i returned to chocolate bar time and time again to enjoy their fondue (as mentioned above). sad, though, that i don't have a photo of the fondue, which is what i recommend the most when going to chocolate bar. that and the people watching (be sure to get an outdoor seat, weather willing, or a seat by the window if it's too hot outside) - the people watching is spec-tac-u-lar. i miss it (don't tell anyone). hehehehe.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Q8 burger challenge, final edition

burgers, burgers, burgers!

i love burgers - there are so many things that have the potential to make them interesting. the type of bread used as a bun, the meat used for the patty and how the patty is put together, the toppings, and (of course!) the sides (can't have too many options, imo). while i've had less than satisfactory burgers, what makes an amazing burger is too hard to define.

i've also come to realize that all of my burger entries for Q8 sort of sound the same. that and i am at a loss in terms of writing about these last couple of burger places. in fact, there are some that i just can't seem to write about. it's not that i didn't enjoy all of the burger places (for the most part, i did!) it's just that my creative juices are no longer flowing (in that direction). that and some of the places have since closed, so it may not be fair to include them here, now. so, here is a quick final collection of a couple of burger joints in Q8.

burger hub
kuwait city
gulf road, opposite seif palace
tel: 965) 2464818

what was consumed: burger! and fries and fried mac 'n cheese (i''m not sure if this is still on the menu, but i sure-ly enjoyed them!)



bidaa, next to the palms
tel: 22901070

what was consumed: in addition to burgers ... onion rings, potato fries, zuccini fries



haus cafe
tel: 22410843

what was consumed: burger with guacamole, potato salad


burger boutique
kuwait city
arraya mall, mezzanine ii
tel: 22997775

what was consumed: lots of burger options! and loaded fries. and chicken wings. nom nom nom ...