Tuesday, May 8, 2012

liberty tree

liberty tree
1016 H St NE, washington, DC 20002
tel: 202) 396-8733
hours: monday 5pm-10pm, tuesday-friday 11:30am-10pm, saturday 11am-10pm, sunday 11am-9pm

what was consumed
: new england lobster roll (with celery, mayo, griddled hot dog bun & garlic butter drizzle) served with housemade hand-cut fries, atlast burger (8oz angus beef, blue cheese spread & caramelized red onions) also with fries, old school hot fudge sundae (with vanilla ice cream, candied pecans, whipped cream)

i used to meet with a nice little girl named ines (i've mentioned her here before) through a mentoring program back in washington, dc (i really need to look back into volunteering opportunities!) and we used to meet for a nice sunday lunch. sometimes, it was really stressful because i didn't know what was open, what she liked, what i wanted to eat, etc. in the end, my conclusion was that we could go to new places, as applicable, and we wouldn't go to the same place again. this was also a chance for me to show ines parts of the city that she may not see otherwise. and a great chance for me to eat massive amounts of food. yay!

when liberty tree opened, what is now years ago, it was during the whole lobster roll craze (could we call it a craze?) liberty tree was really advertising their "true" new england lobster roll and, of course, i just had to try it. ines and i head over to liberty tree on one day just for that occasion. and boy, it was worth it! the bun was toasted in butter, just enough for me to get excited about the butter but not enough for it to be oozing with grease. the lobster was tossed in a bit of mayonnaise, and such, but not so much that all i taste is mayonnaise. the lobster was fresh and delicious. some have told me that their experiences were different, and that makes me sad. especially because my lobster roll was so delicious! of course, the fries that accompanied it were delicious. but i love love love fries, so there are very few that i will not eat. 

ines and i finished off our meal with a large ice cream sundae. that is, ines ate most of it and i just watched. a little spoiling of her on my part and great indulgences on her. hey, i was her mentor and saw her just a couple of times a month! i wanted her to like me (haha). 

and so, while on the expensive size, i'd go back to liberty tree just for the lobster roll. and maybe when i do, i'll get a chance to try some of the other things they have to offer as well. delicious!

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