Monday, May 7, 2012

lola gaspar

lola gaspar
211 west 2nd street, santa ana, CA 92701
tel: 714) 972-1172
hours: monday-thursday 11:30 am-1am, friday 11:30am-2am, saturday 5pm-2am, sunday 5pm-11pm

what was consumed: bacon wrapped dates, mussels, flat bread, salted caramel mousse

i'd been wanting to try out lola gaspar for some time now. in fact, i remember trying to get reservations here for c's bachelorette party a couple of years back and instead of advising us to come early, told us (basically) to go elsewhere. which we did. and we had a great time. even still, i didn't totally take lola gaspar of my list. finally, as s and i were thinking of a place to meet, she suggested lola gaspar, and i was all in. turns out, i'd been here for drinks. a long time ago.

that's the other thing. i'd passed by lola gaspar many many times, mostly not intentionally. but this time, for the life of me, i couldn't find it. darn google maps! it totally lead me the wrong way. though, in google map's defense, the address is not really reflective of the actual location of the restaurant.

anyway, s and made sure to meet at lola gaspar early enough to beat the regular crowd. there was also just the 2 of us and neither one of us minds sitting at the bar (i, in fact, prefer it). and that's exactly what we did. i let s do all of the ordering, as i am want to do especially when people rave about places they'd been. we ordered a series of small dishes, to share. in short, the dining experience was marvelous! the dates were sweet and complemented by the salty and fatty bacon. the mussels tasted fresh and flavored the broth delicious (which we sopped up with bread). the flatbread had a delicious crust with fresh topping that went so well together. yum.

i've read that people were disappointed by the service at lola gaspar. s and i got great service. our server was attentive, but not overly aggressive to get us to eat or drink more than we wanted. he was also knowledgeable about both the food and drink menu when we asked, which is always welcome.

admittedly, i was a little skpetical about lola gaspar because of my past encounters with the staff there. i'm glad s and i had a delicious time (this time) at lola gaspar. i look forward to trying more of their menu next time!

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