Sunday, July 1, 2012


back to my food blog, back to lots of eating! ok, so the lots of eating hasn't ceased, but you know what i mean ...

for my first meal out, literally during my first weekend in Q8 and after picking up some supplies at ikea (yes, ikea), d&t and i head to napket for a light meal. i wasn't sure what to expect from food in Q8, but have been told by lots of folks that the food here in great. i've since come to find that while there are lots of culinary options, lots of it comes from places that are not ... here. that's ok - i'm open to consuming them all!

napket was a great introduction to light eating, imo, with a nice selection of sandwiches and pastries. it's located inside the avenues mall (i won't get into the mall-culture here, but trust me when i say it's big). and despite signs that say "no photos," i was able to snap a few shots. most of all, i really enjoyed the atmosphere - sort of a cross between a chic cafe and a comfy coffee shop. excellent!

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