Friday, December 22, 2006

mr. henry's

mr. henry’s
601 pennsylvania avenue SE, washington, dc 20003-4303
tel: 202-546-8412
hours of operation: mon-thurs 11:15am-midnight; fri-sat 11:15-1am; sun 10am-midnight

what was consumed:
fish ‘n chips; potatoe slices as french fries; onion rings; lemon drop

the first time i came to mr. henry’s, it was to see a dave’s jazz band perform. good food, ok drinks (i should’ve just had beer), and good music – sounds great. the second time the thought of mr. henry’s came up, danny decided that his shirt was too tight, and suggested that we go someplace else. why? because it turns out that mr. henry’s is a gay bar (at least upstairs). not that this deters me from going, but it certainly did danny (haha). the second time i did go to eat here (a couple days after the incident with danny and his shirt), i had the roast beef sandwich. though my bun came back burned (as did willie’s – he ordered the same thing. at least there’s consistency!), the roast beef was quite good otherwise, with some great au jous sauce. i totally love their french fries and onion rings, but you know me and fried foods ... YUM.

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