Friday, December 22, 2006

cafe citron

café citron
1343 connecticut avenue NW, washington, dc 20036
tel: 202-530-8844
hours of operation: daily 10 am-midnight (though i have most definitely been there past midnight)
happy hour: mon-fri 5-7pm – specials include $4 traditional mojitos ($5 for the frozen mango version); $3 bottles of sagres (a portuguese beer); $5 glasses of the house sangria; $25 pitchers of caipirinhas, mojitos or frozen margaritas.

what was consumed: drinks

every time i go to citron, i pretty much just drink. sometimes very little, sometimes a lot. lisa is a GREAT bartender, making drinks that are really tasty (e.g. mojitos, mai tais (in champagne glasses! i totally dig that), and ... jolly ranchers? i think that’s what those shots were called. i remember having a conversation with myself about how i really like jolly ranchers and about how the drinks really tasted like jolly ranchers ^^;;) people say that the food here is really good, but i don’t ever remember eating. i have, however, apparently tried to eat a chicken bone from the chicken wings that were ordered for me, but eaten by nate (what an oinker). i’ll have to go next time and be sober enough to order something to eat.


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