Friday, March 16, 2018

bantam king

bantam king
501 G St NW, Washington, DC 20003
tel202) 733-2612

what was consumed: chicken ramen, gyoza, fried chicken plate (with chicken drippings to rice, of course)

bantam king is owned/run by the same people at daikaya (one of my favorite ramen places in the city), so i was excited about trying out bantam king.

at bantam king, it's all about chicken: chicken ramen, fried chicken, etc. the various types of ramen come in a chicken broth. and while that might be unconventional for ramen purists, it's still delicious (haha). and oh, the fried chicken. to me, the fried chicken was a sort of cross between american style fried chicken, japanese style karage, and some chinese spices, altogether a great combination for light and delicious fried chicken. and for those who aren't fans of ramen (who are you and why are you not a fan?!), there is also a rice option. be sure to enjoy the punch of flavor thanks to the chicken drippings. YUM.

also a quick nod to the time and effort put into bantam king's decor. so many references to japan-based pop culture. love it!


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