Thursday, June 22, 2017


109 jinnah avenue (blue area), islamabad, pakistan 44000
tel: 051-2804044

what was consumed: coffee, grilled cheese, bagel with cream cheese, loafology omelet, mini lemon tart, lemon bread

looking for a nice place to grab a good cup of coffee and some delicious treats? check out loafology! a western style bakery, started by some expats, offers delicious fare in addition to quite a selection of breads and other baked goods; loafology has become one of my go-to brunch/sandwich places. 

and when they have it, be sure to try their lemon tart-lettes. a nice combination of tart and sweet in a delicious and flaky mini crust ... DELISH. but be sure to get there early, or call in your orders. once their supply is gone, their supply is gone for the day ... and you don't want to miss out!

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