Wednesday, March 29, 2017


plot #2, ensemble plaza, street 48, F-8/4, islamabad, pakistan
tel0320) 6862783

what was consumed: loaded fries! mexican rice bowl! others had the korean bowl, burgers, sandwiches, fish and chips ...

looking for a place to eat with a nice rooftop and delish food? if yes, check out social!

after reading about a new restaurant in one of the papers, and after we'd passed social quite a few times going to m's house, we finally made it out there, on a nice evening. and with it being nice, we opted for the rooftop seating (and we're glad we did! for those who get chilly easily, they had quite a few heat lamps to keep you cozy).

we started our meal with some loaded fries because ... well, why not. and as we were sharing among quite a few people, we all got just a taste (i could've eaten the whole thing by myself. no surprise there). we also received salsa and toasted bread "on the house." we didn't know what to make of the combo, but enjoyed the slightly spicy salsa.

social has a diverse menu, so you're bound to find something you like. m and i split the mexican rice dish and the korean bowl. the mexican rice was served in a tortilla bowl (likely a fried chiapti, but let's face it: they're variation of the same). i'm also glad to see that korean flavors are making their way on to the islamabad food scene. social's korean bowl was pretty good. a  bit on the sweet side and more teriyaki than korean, but ... that's just me.

thanks, social! we'll see you again soon.


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Zafar said...

Dear Mam Grace. Just came back from the session with you in LRC. Straightaway opened your blog. Took me sometime to find it; Old generation syndrome. Very well written blog. Enjoyed reading it. Good explanations and everything explained; the way I like it. As I said , " you are a very good teacher".

And THANK YOU for a very nice session.


Zafar Iqbal