Saturday, January 9, 2016

mool-go-gi jah-ri (물고기 자리)

mool-go-gi jah-ri (물고기 자리 )
tel: 02-725-6688

what was consumed: "well-being" set meal (feeds 3-4) and includes grilled whole fish, sweet baked fish, stewed fish in kimchi, sashimi salad

calling all fish lovers!

bjl and i ran into nat on our way to lunch and we sort of invited ourselves along to her lunch. and i'm glad we did!

nat took us to what she says is one of her favorite lunch joints around the office. while they have a large variety of items that may be ordered a la cart, the server suggested the set-menu once she took a look at our 4-top. the set menu included the restaurant's best sellers, so we were happy to oblige.

our meal came out quickly and deliciously. the grilled fish was perfect - nice and crispy on the outside, served whole, flaky and delicious on the inside. and the stewed fish in kimchi! and while the entire meal was delicious, the grilled and stewed fish were definitely my favorite. pick the delicious meat off the bones of the fish (asian style!), mix the broth of the stewed fish and kimchi (just like home!), and finish off the meal with a bit of toasted rice in water (oops - picture not included). we left mool-go-gi jah-ri with full bellies and huge smiles on our faces.

so, if you have a hankering for fish, be sure to check out mool-go-gi jah-ri (aka the place of fish) and order away! and don't forget to invite me, please.

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