Saturday, January 16, 2016

mix & malt

mix & malt
종로구 창경궁로 29길 3
tel: 02-765-5945

what was consumed: sous vide steak, shrimp & asparagus salad, asparagus side, chili cheese nachos, ginger soda ... specialty cocktails!

i had been spending a lot of time near snu hospital. i knew of a few good eats around there (the church i attend is in deh-hak-no), but i was looking for some place new, some place i had never been. my cousin recommended one of his favorite places: mix & malt. thanks j!

tucked behind sung-kyoon-kwan university, in one of the alleys near snuh, is a cool, expat owned bar/restaurant that specializes in some good western eats and some excellent cocktails. food wise: i hear they're known for their sous vide steak. i don't know anywhere else in seoul that offers this (mind you, i have limited knowledge), but mix & malt does a delicious version, including the creamy mashed potatoes all covered with delicious gravy (salty! not sweet! excellent!). the other dishes we ordered were also delightful - well dressed salad featuring asparagus and shrimp, chili cheese nachos with homemade chips (and, again, not a sweet chili! love it), delicious fries, seasonal greens, etc. YUM.

if you're looking just for a place to grab a cocktail (or even if it's to accompany your meal), you're in the right place. the staff offers interesting combinations, as well as the traditional. sit at the bar to increase the likelihood you'll get a taste of the mixologist's newest creations. and even for you non-drinkers, mix & malt has a series of house-made soda combinations that are DE-LISH. i could really go for one of their ginger sodas right about now ...

also, if they are in, be sure to say hello to the owner and his lovey dog. the dog seems to love the attention.

mix & malt! go/come, sit down, have a drink, and enjoy. i can't wait to go back!

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