Saturday, April 28, 2012

super pollo charcoal chicken

super pollo charcoal chicken
550 north quincy street, arlington, VA 22203
tel: 571) 970-3421

what was consumed: peruvian chicken! with sides of fries, rice, lentils, and plantains. and inca cola

what is there to do during lunch at FSI when you're exhausted and overwhelmed with all of the language training you've received? our solution was off campus lunch. great idea! a great way to break up the day. in additon to that, living in washington, i found myself less likely to go head across the river to virginia (though i was always willing to when invited).

taking off campus lunches, then, proved to be a great way for me to enjoy while not combating traffic. a win win for me!so, one day, after t and b had a great meal of peruvian chicken (without me! :(... ) t suggested we make an off-campus trip out to super pollo. hurrah! great idea, t! and with t having had spent time in peru (it apparently is the most authentic peruvian food that t has had in the DC area), he knew what was good and with what (sides) peruvian chicken should be consumed. and i was more than happy to oblige when it came to ordering.

3 of us participated in this rendition of off-campus lunching.

quick story: t busted out all of his espanol, a la peru, when ordering at super pollo. m asked him how it felt to be so comfortable in a foreign language, especially compared to the arabic we were learning. t replied, saying that it was GREAT. i know the feeling - it's how i feel when i speak korean.

anyway, back to super pollo. lunch was DELICIOUS. the chicken was roasted deliciously (and the skin was so so yummy, with all of that seasoning). the fries would have also been delicious with that seasoning. the plantains were a nice and not-too-sweet addition to the plate. and the rice - there was something so delicious about it! i can hardly explain it. t tells me it's a peruvian variation of chinese fried rice (or something like that). i couldn't get enough of it. i think i could've gone without the lentils, but 01) it's authentic? and 02) i just love time in WDC, i will most definitely look forward to super pollo. i can also see myself getting super fat if i ever end up going to peru with all of this delicious food ... 

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