Saturday, January 28, 2012

boundary stone public house

boundary stone public house
116 rhode island avenue NW, washington, DC 20001
tel: 202) 621-6635
hours: monday-thursday 12pm-2am, friday 12pm-3am, saturday 11am-3am, sunday 11am-2am

what was consumed: delicious cocktails, beer, hot honey wings, bacon burger

in DC, and maybe in lots of other places, lots of businesses are turning towards neighborhoods and "locals" as their primary target market. i think it's a great idea and am happy to support places near where i live. boundary stone is one of those places. i hadn't heard about it; admittedly, i haven't been paying attention these days (though i'm sure i'd pass by it frequently on my runs). no matter; when d said he wanted to check it out, i was happy to accompany.

when you get to boundary stone, you enter through a large and heavy sliding door. the bar is, then, to the left through another door (you enter into a dining area, turns out). there isn't anything fancy shmancy about its decor, but that's what helped me feel right at home.

boundary stone had a nice selection of beers and an amazing whiskey selection, as well as house specialty cocktails. i started the night off with a delicious old fashioned (remember, though, that i'm not a connoisseur. i simply enjoy. ha!). our bartender was knowledgeable about her bar, about the menu, and was overall fantastic.

food: all of the reviews i'd read recommended the bacon burger. i love burgers, so am always willing to try it out. the burger was well cooked (though the server didn't ask me how i wanted it cooked; nevertheless, it came out a nice medium/medium rare) on a buttery bun that had bacon spread on it. yes. bacon spread. i love it! i received a jar of bacon spread for my birthday (thanks, k!) and have been looking for even more ways to use it (besides dipping my fingers into the jar to directly consume. yes, i know. gross. but delicious). on burgers - of course! the burger also came with fries and ... homemade ketchup. now, i'm not a big ketchup fan. i think it's too sweet and doesn't taste anything like tomatoes. but boundary stone seems to make their ketchup homemade. d was saying something about it having cinnamon and other stuff (i've since forgotten -__-) ... ??? delicious. i think i still prefer going sans ketchup, but that didn't keep me from dipping some of my fries into boundary stone's variation.

the hot honey wings were also delicious. i'm usually not a fan of wings doused in sauce, but i was happy to get all of the sauce on my fingers this time around. while "honey" is in the name, the sauce wasn't overly sweet. it was, however, hot, with a nice spiciness. the wings were prepared well, crispy on the outside, but weren't soggy despite the sauce. and the meat came right off the bones. yum!!

the couple sitting next to us also highly recommended the quesedillas. i'll have to check them out the next time i'm around. so, if you're looking for a local place (and even if you're not) with a relaxed and neighborhood feel, swing by the boundary stone public house for a drink! you will most definitely enjoy it. see you there!

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