Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the passenger

the passenger
1021 7th street NW, washington, DC 20001
tel: 202) 393-0220
hours: sunday 2pm-12am, monday-thursday 5pm-1:30am, friday-saturday 5pm-2:30am

what was consumed: gourmet hot dogs (cole slaw, kimchee, etc.), hummus plate, route 66 chips, nachos, and libations (beer, wine, and spirits)

the passenger is one of my favorite bars in town. i've been with small groups, i've been with large groups, i've stood around, i've sat at tables. when i go, though, i try to sit at the bar (which is generally a favorite seat of mine) as to have immediate access to their bartenders. the servers are great, but one of the awesome things about the passenger is that you can tell the bartender the type of beverage that you'd like (e.g. a bitter, whiskey based drink that is not sweet) or ask for one of their specials ... and you will always be pleasantly satisfied. the passenger has a nice selection of beers and wine as well - everyone will be satisfied!

as for food ... they have a small menu, which seems to always change just a little bit, and is not on their website. i've had bites of a variety of different things, including their kimchee hot dog which was one of the first things that intrigued me (it was delicious. in my k-snobbery, though, i made comments on what i would do differently ... all the while happily polishing off my order. tee hee hee). the hot dogs come with chips, which luckily doubles as wonderful ahn-joo (drinking snacks). i would most definitely be able to eat more than one hot dog on a hungry day (i.e., every day - ha!). all in all, the fare, while more snack-ish than meal-ish, is inventive, fresh, and delicious.

a quick comment about one of the passenger's fixtures. they have this ceiling fan in the middle of the main room that i look at every time i visit. it's a 2-legged (legged?) ceiling fan that has regular desk fans on the end of them! so, the desk fans are oscillating while the ceiling fan's "legs" also oscillate (does this even make any sense? yeeees ...). anyway, how great is that?! i love i - so there!

oh, passenger, i've had a lot of fun with you - great drinks, great snakcs, great ambiance, great company! i will be back for more. yay yay yay!

online: http://www.passengerdc.com/

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