Monday, February 14, 2011

capital city diner

capital city diner
1050 bladensburg road NE, washington, DC 20002
tel: 202) 396-3467
hours of operation: tuesday-thursday 6am-10pm, friday 6am-sunday5pm (24 hours on the weekends), closed mondays

what was consumed: chicken and waffles, loaded waffle fries, an egg (over medium ... for k), bottomless mimosas

diners are awesome. there's just something about greasy spoons that has a special place in my heart. no, i didn't spend a bulk of my youth hanging out in such diners, but the enclosed (and sometimes tiny) space just makes everything smell so delicious. and this is exactly what i thought when i walked into the capital city diner: this place smells soooo good. my stomach quickly proceeded to grumble in agreement.

i had read about capital city diner some time ago. about how they took one of those old school diners and shipped it down to DC. my pastor has mentioned it a number of times and has spoken about his delight in the diner's fares. so, when k and i were thinking about where to go and eat, i remembered capital city diner, and we were off! note: if you're not careful, you could possibly miss the diner. capital city diner is nestled in between two large(er) buildings on bladensburg road, but once there, you will kick yourself for not having seen it before. ha!

so, right as we walked in, we were greeted by two lines - one for those waiting for seats, and another for takeout orders. k and i were set on sitting at the counter, so we waited until there were open spots for us. once seated (honestly, the wait wasn't that long - they have a pretty high turnover, so people seem to always come in and out), we delighted in the counter design and how the cooking was being done literally on the other side of where we were sitting. there were a couple of servers who made sure our bottomless mimosas stayed filled (except that one time when k's glass was filled, but mine wasn't. what's up with that?), we had napkins, and that we were well taken care of.

capital city diner offers breakfast all day long (for you breakfast lovers). they also have a variety of other fare for the non-breakfast-ers, so no worries! k and i opted for chicken and waffles (a must try!) and some loaded waffle fries. the waffle was made to order, and came with some fried chicken that was crispy, salty (but not too salty), and delicious. k got an egg (over medium) because brunch is never complete without eggs! ... though i opted out. this time. our waffle fries seemed to have the same seasoning as the fried chicken (so, delicious) and were piled up with pieces of bacon and slices of american cheese melted on it. yes, lots of fried (but delicious!) things.

great conversation and yummy food, capital city diner was a hit! and even though i smelled them in my hair for a number of hours afterward, i can't wait to go back and check out some of their other things ... like their soul food tuesdays! ahhh~ so many options, so much food, not enough time and not enough stomach space! oh well. thank you capital city diner ... until next time!


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