Monday, December 28, 2009

bourbon coffee

bourbon coffee
2101 L street NW (between 21st street & new hampshire avenue), washington, DC 20037
tel: 202) 525-1886
hours: monday-friday 6am-7pm, saturday-sunday 7am-6pm
what was consumed: coffee!
i love caffeine. i am whole-heartedly on the "caffeinate-up, america!" bandwagon. thus, i love coffee. i'm pretty new to the coffee scene, so i have virtually no palatte for coffee (or for other things, as a matter of fact); it's either just good or bad. oh, and i don't mind instant coffee, especially if the instant coffee is from abroad - nescafe really can be good!
remember when starbucks decided to close down all of those stores in response to the tanking economy? only one store was to close in DC (from what i have been told), and that store was the one that was just a couple of blocks from my office. to my delight, and to the relief of my caffeine addiction, bourbon coffee was to take its place.
initially, i didn't think anything of the new place. coffeeshops are a dime a dozen downtown and grabbing a 'cup of joe' is pretty easy to come by. but from what i've heard, bourbon has pretty good coffee. i concur! but please note the aforementioned disclaimer about my palette (or lack thereof). i also drink regular drip coffee with soy milk (or other non-dairy milk product), so i haven't had any of bourbon's fancier coffee drinks. though, i'll have to say, when i've seen what others have ordered, the coffee drinks come out really pretty with designs and all of that stuff (apparently the sign of great baristas!). and kenyan tells me that their hot chocolate is sweet, but delicious, spice and all. i also like the connection that bourbon coffee has with rwanda - the coffeeshop started in rwanda and is now a part of dc downtown life! neato!
one day, i visited bourbon and saw that they had these spinach scones. intrigued! unfortunately, the scone i had was really dry and lacked flavor (maybe it was just mine that was bad). i was hoping it would be like the green onion scone i had at ritual coffee in SF - so delicious! alas ... friends have had other pastries, though, and have complimented them. i guess i was just out of luck. sigh ...
no matter - scones or not, i imagine i will be back at bourbon coffee. maybe even multiple times a day (haha). see you there!

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