Wednesday, May 6, 2009


400 8th street NW (btwn d street & e street), washington, DC 20004
tel: 202) 638-6010
2009 r street, NW (btwn 21st street & connecticut avenue), washington, DC 20009
tel: 202) 667-3827
what was consumed: tea, tea, tea ... ginger lemonade, cookies, some other eats ...
there was a time when i wanted to be a tea connuesseiur (and no, i don't know how to spell that --> see my comments on the side ... though, i think i actually looked that one up. where is ms word spellcheck when you need it!). then i realized that i don't really have a sophisticated palate and that while the subtle flavors of tea are appreciated, the kick caffeine from coffee gives me is my current addiction.
in any case, if you want a nice cup of tea, special juice, or even a beer (along with some quick eats), teaism is the place for you! thematically japanese (or asian altogether, i suppose), there is still quite a variety of options for both tea lovers and not.
there are two locations (both of which i've been to) and both have good tea, good service, and good vibes. the dupont circle location is less spacious (so there is the chance that you'll be sitting on the makeshift bench by the cash register or outside) and the penn quarter location has book groups and board game people who meet there (both a plus and a minus? i dunno). and while teaism costs more than the bag of tea within my variety box 'o teas, remember that you're also paying for the ambiance and the increased variety that teaism presents. and let me tell ya, this little indulgence is worth it.

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sharock said...

i miss teaism already