Wednesday, May 6, 2009


740 6th street NW (between g place & h street), washington, DC 20001
tel: 202) 638-1280
what was consumed: rice noodles, pineapple chicken
i grew up with a friend from burma and while she came over to eat at my house all the time, i rarely went over to hers (mostly because of her large extended family at her house as well as her quite younger brothers), though i was (and still am) quite fond of her family. i imagined, though, that many of the flavors would be similar to that of vietnamese, thai, and even chinese cuisine. i was pretty accurate.
so, after church, friend su and i head out for some good eats. while considering different options, we ultimately ended up at burma. i had seen burma on the second floor of the building, above the thai restaurant 'kanlaya.' every time i went to kanlaya, it hought about burma, but it wasn't until now that i actually went in.
right when you go in, burma looks like any other asian restaurant in chinatown. it sort of also reminded me of those movies/tv shows where people have wedding receptions at those chinatown restaurants. in any case, su and i went on for lunch on sunday. who knows if they're even open for lunch, but we walked in and we were served (hurrah!). it hink maybe there was one of those "meet ups." no matter. su and i sat down and perused through their menu.
they have a variety of different things on their menu, much of which i've since forgotten. we decided upon some noodles and the pinneapple chicken, to share. why these? who knows. and what do i really know about burmese food? probably not a whole lot. i do remember leaving the restaurant, full and happy. much like my initial premonition, burmese food is a sort of combination of thai, vietnamese, and chinese. there's a bit of sweet, a bit of creamy, a bit of sour ... and all of that on rice or mixed in with rice noodles! these is no better combination ... YUM.

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