Tuesday, June 30, 2009

las brisas

las brisas
361 cliff drive, laguna beach, CA 92651
tel: 949) 497-5434
what was consumed: weekend breakfast buffet - YUM.
i'm not a big brunch person. i don't necessarily super love pancakes and waffles, i don't really crave bagels (though i have to admit, i can eat bacon any time, any day ... and while not a connoisseur, coffee is often running through my veins. oh, and mimosas. love the mimosas). then again, i'm also not going to deny an invitation to brunch. also, because i'm not a huge brunch person, i don't know that much about brunch in so.cal. it used to be my job to find the restaurant we'd have easter morning brunch/breakfast, but that was about it (and usually, we would eat around my church in the northern parts of the o.c. in contrast to my residence in the south). so, parents wanted to go to brunch and suggested going to las brisas. was it my suggestion? was it theirs? i don't remember. point is, we got ready and head over to the beach for some good eatin'.
las brisas is a hotel right on the water of laguna beach. the restaurant is right on the water and the view is amazing. it's supposedly a restaurant that has mexican flair, but seeing that i've only been there for breakfast, that makes it hard to judge. when i was growing up, we would go to las brisas to take photos (for the tennis team, for example).
the early birds that my parents are, we were at the restaurant right as they opened. this turned out to be a good thing because we got our pick of the seats in the restaurant. i.e., right next to the windows facing the beach. awesome. the sun was shining (but it was nice and cool inside), they skies were blue, and not a cloud was to be seen. hooray for grrrreat so.cal weather! i knew that after breakfast, we could head over to the beach and enjoy the beach (i miss being so close to the beach while here on the east). i guess i'm more of a so.cal beach gal than i'd like to admit and more than i'll usually share. ahhh, the beach.
but i digress.
the food at las brisas is delicious - let's just start with that. it's buffet style, with an omelette station, hot foods, cold foods ... the works. usually buffets vary in quality, but it seemed like the chefs at las brisas were attentive and made sure the food stayed fresh and delicious. the omelettes were made to perfection and to order (that's the best!). they provided quite a few toppings for the omelettes and that always yields fat and delicious omelettes - so delicious. quiche, crepes, fruit, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, muffins, cereal, etc. all of the usual breakfast favs were a part of the menu as well (of course, i found myself eating other delicious things - YUM).
my parents proceeded to take out a bunch of their friends in subsequent weeks and those old farts (haha - just kidding) all totally enjoyed las brisas as well. i look forward to going again!

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