Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ugly mugg

the ugly mug
723 8th street se, washington, dc 20003
tel: 202) 547-ugly

hours: monday-thursday 11:30am-1:30am, friday 11:30am-2:30am, saturday 11am-2:30am, sunday 11am-1:30am

what was consumed: mini burgers, pizza roll, french fries, beer

the first time i visited the ugly mug was during my first visit to dc as christine took me on one of those “walking tours” of dc happy hours (little did she know i would end up staying in this town). they had a $20-all-you-can-drink beer happy hour from 6-9pm on wednesday nights (alas, that no longer is the case). we ordered mini-burgers (this was pre matchbox days) and then began to pound beers (they have some pretty rockin’ beers on tap – that night, i believe, we enjoyed many a hoegardens). oh, what a night!

since then, the ugly mug has concluded their all-you-can-drink-beer nights (too bad!), but i still venture out to “the mug” when i can.
the location of the ugly mug is really convenient – a brisk walk away (walking to the mug is fine, though i find that taking a cab back is more likely the selection). they have quite a nice selection of beers and, of course, all of the liquors. they also have happy hour specials for each day (each is a little bit different – some things are done by day, others by whatever game is going on, etc.) mixing up “deals” on food and/or drink. and when the weather is nice, they have outdoor seating which allows for great moments of people watching. no matter what the day, though, i enjoy their pizza rolls – literally, a giant slice of pizza that has been rolled up. ahhh, i love pizza. it was also here at the mug where i had a meatball pizza for the first time (pizza with halves of meatballs as toppings). we saw some people sitting next to us order and enjoy such deliciousness, so we just had to copy and order as well.

something to note ... there are a number of places in eastern market that i enjoy frequenting that are near the marine barracks. i don't know if that plays a part in where people hang out. in my personal opinion, and with no judgement or criticism, the weekends get really crowded and sometimes too loud for my liking. then again, sometimes all you want to do is go out, yell in people's ears, and fend off drunk people (haha). anyway ...

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