Friday, September 14, 2007


458 forest beach road, annapolis, md 21401
tel: 210) 757-1311
hours: sunday-thursday 11am – 11pm, friday & saturday 11am – midnight
what was consumed: crab (lots of crab!), fried oysters, hush puppies, beer
summertime is crab season in annapolis! christine told me about going to eat crab with my cousin when she (christine) first came into town. since then, i looked forward to sitting by the water in annapolis, drinking cheap beer, and indulging on delicious crab ... finally, on mother’s day, i got my chance! upon invitation by some mutual friends, as we drove through eastern market, we ended up heading out to annapolis to cantler’s.
when you drive out to the area and you think you’ve gone to far, that’s when you see the parking attendant for cantler’s. turns out, cantler’s is an uber popular place when it comes to good food and good atmosphere (it’s right on the water) during crab season.
the first time (in may), we sat outside and, frankly, it was chilly with the breeze blowing. but after a few cans of yeung ling (or, my fav – coors light), you forget about that. the second time, we intended on sitting outside, but it started to rain like crazy! so, we sat inside, which was fine. you order the crab by the dozen and they come out doused with old bays along with cups of lemon juice and butter. you may, then, crack open them crabs and enjoy! i can eat lots and lots … delicious!
in addition to the crab, there are a number of other side dishes that you may order – fried clams, hush puppies, etc. they even have a special menu for kids (with options such as grilled cheese sandwich and fried clams). but be sure to order the ears of corn – definitely a nice touch to the crustacean meal!
oh, i can hardly wait for the next crab season ...

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