Tuesday, June 12, 2018


1205 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
tel202) 789-1205

what was consumed: we ordered what i've since been calling "the kristen menu." khachapuri (the one that oozes with cheese, the megruli), khinkali (2 per person), lobio kotanshi (beans from the hot menu), eggplant nigvizit (eggplant rolls with walnut), shashlik, and saperavi wine

the only other time i'd had georgian food (at a georgian restaurant) was when i visited my friend in yekaterinberg (russia). and it was delish. so excited to have an option here in DC to enjoy. that said, no one in our party knew exactly what to order. thank goodness i ran into friend kristen a few days before. she loves georgian food and had been to supra before (and came back with rave reviews). she gave us her "must eats" and favs, of which we ordered ... everything.

the ingredients were fresh, the flavors were delish, and i was in good company. will definitely have to go back to supra and try some of the other things that they offer (though the kristen menu is just so good). some complained that they thought the food was on the spendy side, especially in comparison to what you'd pay in georgia. turns out, we all complain about this (for realz, korean food in korea is way cheaper than korean food here, for the most part). so just dish out the extra few dollars and go and enjoy! you'll be glad you did.


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