Sunday, December 17, 2017

compass rose

compass rose
1346 T St NW, Washington, DC 20009
tel202) 506-4765

what was consumed: summer squash, pescaditos fritos, curried lamb, kakuni steamed buns, a couple of desserts (i forget which) ... and of course the khachipuri

bjl and i received a gift certificate to compass rose for christmas one year (thanks MiL!). we FINALLY made our way to compass rose!

lots of small plates from all around the world. the jamaican curried lamb (love the habanero!) and the pescaditos fritos (good if you don't mind the whole fishies; lightly battered, seasoned perfectly, fried so that they're light, served with a spicy aioli) were probably the favorite among the dishes we ordered.

be sure to order your khachipuri first. maybe it was just us, but ... i was literally counting the number of people who received their khachipuri before us (there were tables that turned over before we received our order. in fact, we had finished our entire meal when the khachipuri was served). that said it was super delish (despite being full - a good sign that it's a good one). let's go eat khachipuri at compass rose!


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