Monday, July 27, 2015

coffee smith

coffee smith
142, samcheong-ro, jongno-gu, seoul (among may other locations)
tel: +82-02-720-0916

what was consumed: coffee! and desserts ... 

one of the many things korea is known for is the plethora of coffee shops. coffee shops come in all shapes and sizes - small and boutique-y all the way to huge international chains (e.g. starbucks and coffee bean. both which i frequent). people go to chat, to study, to hang out, and, of course, for coffee.

one of my favs these days, though, is coffee smith.

you'll see coffee smiths on most streets in seoul (and, probably, the rest of the country). their coffee is good, their service is good. but what i like most about coffee smith is their space. that is, the coffee smiths i've visited are sort of narrow, but always multi-storied with wide windows that open up when the weather is nice. love.

i.e., come for your coffee fix, stay for the view because you know the people watching will be great. and you know it'll totally be worth it. yeah!

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