Tuesday, July 29, 2014

butcher's den

butcher's den

what was consumed: steak, burger, fried chicken, MAC 'N CHEESE, and other sides ... 

doesn't this steakhouse have a great name?! hehehe. that was definitely what piqued my interest when they first put up their sign. i was certainly curious about how their food was going to be, and always happy to welcome a delicious steakhouse.

the decor includes tasteful (imo) images of protein, including little anthropomorphized cows on your way to the bathroom. definitely lots of interesting things to see when you sit down. and once you've ordered, you are greeted by a serving of cotton candy - nice touch.

at butcher's den, burgers are delicious, the fried chicken is crisp but juicy, and you can be sure that you'll get your steak is cooked just as you ordered.

and while all of the meat-y options are pretty delish, i have to comment on the delicious sides, especially the mac 'n cheese. served in cast iron, it comes to your table piping hot and nice and cheesy. be sure to get yourself a healthy serving because it'll be gone in a jiffy. 

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