Friday, October 19, 2012


bneid el gar, block 1, street 96, al manar complex
hours: monday-thursday 7am-10pm, friday 12pm-10pm, saturday-sunday 7am-10pm
tel: 2253 3258

i'm always up for incredible culinary technique, delicious flavor combinations, and amazing presentation (preferably all three together, not separately), even for lesser preferred (imo) cakes and other sweets. and while i'm not a fangirl, i know others are; so, when i bring sweets over, i want to suggest deliciousness. my new favorite cake shop is caramel (thanks T for the heads up about this place!).

they have cake bites (about 1"x1"), mini cakes (about 3"x3"), and regular cakes in their display cases. they have a variety of different flavors ready for purchase. i selected 3 mini cakes (pumpkin, red velvet, and caramel) and paid KD5 and some change. i proceeded to go home, cut each of the 3 mini cakes into quarters, and consume a quarter of each cake. per others' recommendations, i was sure to ration the cake for fear that one would consume all cakes in one sitting. i'm glad i did because, let me tell you, i was super duper tempted to eat all the cakes.
the cakes are moist and flavorful, each bringing out their various flavors (as opposed to tasting only like sugar, or honey, as so many sweets are wont to do). the frosting was light and complemantary, not overwhelming. yum.

i warn you - their cakes aren't cheap. if i consume at my usual rate, my wallet will take a hit and i will need to get new clothes as i expand horizontally (more than usual, anyway). but don't worry, caramel. despite it all, you will see me often. very often.

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