Friday, January 21, 2011

arlington cinema 'n drafthouse (& old arlington grill)

arlington cinema 'n drafthouse
2903 columbia pike, arlington VA
tel: 703)486-2345

what was consumed: nachos! and wine and beer and ... bar food genre~

it might be more accurate to say that this blog is about both the arlington cinema 'n drafthouse AND old arlington grill as the food comes from old arlington grill, but consumed (at least by me) before (and during!) film screenings at the drafthouse. but really, to me, they're one in the same.

now, what's better than a good movie while eating yummy food? very little, if you ask me. i think that's why i enjoy the arlington drafthouse so much and keep saying that i want to visit more often (and w, this is ideal for drunken movie night as you have the option to grow increasingly intoxicated as the night goes on (increasing my likelihood of staying awake ... and helping me remember the movie altogether ... whoops ...) as opposed to being totally sloshed prior to the start of the flick - yay!).

the first time i visited arlington cinema 'n drafthouse was to see 'the hangover'. that was totally fun! both the flick and the drafthouse. again, there's nothing better than eating and drinking while watching a fun flick. most recently, k and i decided to catch 'social network' while enjoying lovely bar fare. we had a GREAT time!

a few words on the food. according to their website, old arlington grill "specializes in old-fashioned american grill classics with a modern twist." that's a good way to put it! k and i had their nachos - chips, baked, topped with cheese, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and jalapenos (they could add more jalapenos, but i'm a fiend when it comes to spicy stuff - i love it!). at first, she was trying to 'conserve' the cheese (to make sure it would last), while i just stuffed chips into my face ... but then we noticed that there was more cheese waiting for us on the next layer of chips. we immediately proceeded to throw out thoughts of conserving cheese. haha ...

i didn't get to try, but look forward to trying, the fried mac 'n cheese triangles. i wish they came with fries (as is the case at red derby), but so be it. is there a limit to how much fried food one may take in? i'm not willing to test it on my own, but sometimes i wonder if i come pretty darn close - ha!

there's also something to say about the ambiance at the drafthouse. i get a sort of "dinner theatre" vibe from the place (which is totally a good thing), so i had no qualms about making comments about the film to k sitting next to me (of course, quietly) ... and it was ok! that definitely added to the fun of the drafthouse in that the conversation is often interesting and hilarious at the same time - yay!

arlington cinema 'n drafthouse has some live programming as well as "deals" (e.g., $1 monday, $2 tuesday movies). fun stuff! be sure to check their schedule on their website to see what movies are coming. and when you decide, let me know! i can't wait to go back. yay yay yay!


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