Tuesday, December 28, 2010

cork wine bar

cork wine bar
1720 14th street NW # 1, washington, DC 20009-7853
tel: 202) 265-2675
hours: tuesday-wednesday, sunday 5pm-12am; thursday-saturday 5pm-1am

what was consumed: house-marinated olives, rosemary chicken liver bruschetta (with shallot marmalade, herb salad), avocado (with pistachios, toasted pistachio oil, sea salt, grilled bread), asparagus, some meat (duck?) dish, some fish dish (oopsie - i don't remember ... and i forgot to write it down!), lizzy's goat cheese cake (with fresh berries, cookie crumble), double chocolate torte (with chopped hazelnuts)

while going back and forth from nights in and around the black cat, i passed the cork wine bar so many times and wondered what was awaiting me inside. i'd perused through the cork wine selection and was excited to see what sort of food they had in their restaurant.
so, some of c's DC friends decided to throw her the first leg of a bachelorette party out here in DC (long story) and it was decided that it'd be at cork wine bar. seeing as i had intended on visiting cork, i was excited about the selection no matter how it came about (^_~). a reservation for our entire party was made and as soon as the bulk of our party was in attendance, we were seated (yay!).

once seated, bread was brought to our table, and we quickly ordered. cork wine bar has a series of "tapas" that are intended for sharing - just my type of place! lots of sharing, lots of trying:

so delicious!

in a nutshell, the plates of food that came our way were very very delicious. fresh ingredients, flavors that melded well together, nice sized portions, nothing too overwhelming. for sure, i wished i had a bigger stomach to house all of the food that i wanted to eat, but was unable to (though, after some time, all of the food was consumed in its entirety). there was a point in the dinner when someone proclaimed, "oh my gosh, there's so much bread!" and that was true. bread came at the start of the meal, many of the dishes were plated on slices of bread. but in the end, that was ok because the bread was just so tasty. despite all of the carb crazy conversation, we proceeded to consume every single bit of delicious bread. yum~

per the recommendation of our server, we ordered the goat cheese cake and the double chocolate torte:

and wow. they were delicious. the torte was chocolate-y and rich, a nice end to the meal. but the goat cheese cake was wonderful! rich, creamy, not all goat-y that usually deter people from enjoying goat cheese. it was so good that after we got a taste of the one ordered for c, there were a few other dishes of the goat cheese cake that were ordered. yes, indeed. so delicious!

i look forward to my next trip to cork ... especially as i pair my meal with delicious wines - yay yay yay!

online: http://www.corkdc.com/

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Angelina said...

Mmmm... yummy tapas!