Monday, April 13, 2009

pasara thai

pasara thai
1219 connecticut avenue NW, washington, DC 20036
tel: 202) 223-3777
what was consumed: spring rolls, papaya salad, appetizer sampler, spicy pork dish, pasara fried rice, other curries (i forget which) ...
it looks like there are a number of pasara thai locations, but it wasn't until a location opened in dupont circle (south) that i found out about this delicious thai restaurant.
there are a number of thai restaurants near where i work. when pasara thai opened, we had to check it out. it's near the old dragonfly (which i'd been to only once, almost in passing) next to lucky bar and julia's empanadas so i had passed it by a number of times after its opening.
pasara thai is hip in decor (as is the style of dupont circle, i suppose). they have quite a large dining area on two levels along with bar seating (and the bar has these really cool bar stool chairs - sort of like sitting on a bunch of thick elastic bands). i also enjoy sitting next to the windows that face connecticut avenue (i love sitting next to windows). someone once commented to me that pasara thai would probably be a good location (decor wise) for some happenin' night life. beats me about that, though ... haha ...
pasara thai has a large thai menu, as is the case with most thai restaurants. when my friend chris and i visited, we started with the appetizer sampler - what a great way to try a number of different things! and all of them fried. yum! there's nothing like fried wonton wrappers on all sorts of different fried fares~ they also have a number of salads, of which i've tried the papaya salad. i always thought of papaya as being something sweet (with it being a fruit and all), but this salad was far from it. it was fresh, flavorful, and delicious.
now, while i look at a good pad thai as the indication of whether or not a thai restaurant is to my liking, i have not had the pad thai at pasara thai (or any other noodle dish, for that matter). upon asking the server, however, he mentioned that the pad thai was something he enjoyed, as well as many of the restaurant's patrons. the first time, i opted for a spicy pork dish, which our server recommended as well. it was a nice combination of pork with a variety of vegetables, all in a spicy broth-like sauce. definitely spicy, definitely delicious! i've also had their fried rice a number of times. pasara thai has a number of fried rices. and while a touch of hot sauce would probably make the dish better, but that's my take on most foods (i love hot sauce).
i recently visited pasara thai again with some co-workers who had been fans of other thai places. after our meal at pasara thai, they've collectively decided to visit pasara thai more often. i will as well. yummy thai food~~~

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