Wednesday, June 13, 2007


1350 connecticut avenue NW, washington, dc 20036
tel: 202) 296-9341
hours: monday-thursday: 6:30am-midnight, friday: 6:30am-1am, saturday: 8am-1am,sunday: 8am-11pm

what was consumed: tuscan pesto chicken sandwich, lentil soup, soda

one of the dominant coffee/sandwich shops in the area (from what i've seen) – cosi! wherever i turn here in DC, i see a cosi (among other places, that is). i had always wondered about their food, but never really took the opportunity to see what they had to offer. now, in retrospect, i’m glad that i did!

there’s a cosi next to the school i teach at in dupont circle (mind you, there are many cosi locations; i just frequent the one in dupont circle). prior to this, i would have lunch/dinner at baja fresh, especially if i was in a crunch for time. one day, though, i wanted to eat soup and decided that that would be the day to give cosi a try.

cosi has a pretty large menu, including soups, salads, pizzas, and sandwiches as well as a number of different (what they refer to as) shareables and even some entrees! they have a wide variety of sandwiches which are made to order (so if you don’t want something in the sandwich, the sandwich maker may accommodate – that’s always a plus). i very much enjoyed my sandwich – sun-dried tomato pesto spread with grilled chicken and romaine lettuce. what i really enjoyed was the bread that my sandwich came on. it was this sort of flat bread, cut into half, stuffed with all of the goodies that made up my sandwich. i’d imagine that this is great for the carb counters and people like me who are bigger fans of the inside of sandwiches (yum!).

i also had the soup of the day, which was lentil soup that day. i not as familiar with lentils as i am with other things so while i was a little hesitant about having lentil soup, i decided upon ordering the soup because i could already smell it, and it smelled delicious. in fact, the smell matched the taste – delicious! the size of the soup bowl was smaller than i thought it would be. so you can be sure i totally gobbled it all up! next time, i want to try their vegetable soup …

on top of the food, the relaxed atmosphere of cosi as well as the indoor and outdoor seating available (in dupont circle) as well as their free wifi is what i’m sure draws individuals back to cosi. i know i’ve been a couple of times since my first visit and will surely visit again!

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